What are the benefits of a warranty?

Drive care-free for longer

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Your vehicle has been checked in detail and professionally prepared. But even after a careful examination, problems can always occur. In order to not fall by the wayside in case of unexpected repair costs, you should choose a warranty.

Benefits, that pay off:

  • Extensive protection against repair costs
  • Securing of liquidity in case of a break down
  • Valid for the whole of Europe
  • High planning reliability
  • Value enhancement of your vehicle
  • No financial concessions in case of a claim

Stop unexpected repair costs

CarGarantie offers you a wide range of warranty programmes. Depending on your demands and security needs, you can choose between different products, like e. g. a component coverage, that covers the most important and most expensive components, or a full coverage, that covers all major components except wear parts. The duration of the warranty is also flexible and depends on the product – it can be 12, 24 or 36 months. Because what is important to us is, that you get what you need. For further information please contact your specialized dealer.

Contact and service

Contact and service